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The "1305 Practice" will teach your Student to take charge of his/her Education and Personal Growth! Eden Cook, an Exceptional Education Teacher (and Children's Yoga Instructor) developed this Plan after spending 10 years at Satellite High School with Struggling Readers in grades 9-12. It's becoming a way of life for student and family success. 

Eden Cook's Credentials:

SHS's 2011 Teacher of the Year

2012 Brevard County Reading Teacher of the Year

Jr. Class/Prom Sponsor 

Eden's most proud of:

Parents continue to express that their student's "favorite class" was "Intensive Reading'. Eden continues to maintain relationships with her students and is so proud of them choosing to write testimonials about their life changes due to "Mrs. Cook's Way of Teaching and Caring."

'The 1305 Practice' is a 'Individualized Strategic Modification Program' for parents with students ages 6-19. It includes the ISMP Plan written specifically for your student & family.students  Students will develop study habits, routines for home & school life and discover 'What motivates them!' In this INTENSIVE 10-week program, Mrs.Cook will guide the student and support the parents in their endeavor to Empower instead of Enable. We will address current habits, boundaries, respect and expectations, empowering, not enabling and much more. Students will develop both short-term and long-term Goals that will help them "Keep their eye on the prize." Additional Services include: IEP Implementation,Group Tutoring, Virtual School Management/Accountability  

The Plan: 20-minute FREE Consultation to give overview and ensure both student and parent(s) are committed to the 1305 Practice. 

 If students and parents are ready for True Change, a "Setting The Course Meeting,"will be scheduled. At this meeting, Eden will spend 1 1/2-2 hrs collecting data, discussing your current practices in regards to current expectations, challenges and successes in order to design a Individualized Strategic Modification Plan.

Ten Week Intensive Program Includes:

~ 1st Meeting: "Setting Your Course" Meeting (Approx. 2 hours) $195

~ Weekly: 50min. Meeting with Mrs. Cook (in person or via skype): Successes and Needs of the Week~ Making weekly changes (if needed) and moving on! Topics include: Getting Organized, Relationships with Family & Teachers matter, Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation, Study Habits, Taking Control of Education & Life$55

~1st Week:Nightly Phone Calls for Parent Support and Student Accountability!(included)

~ Student must "Check In" at a minimum of twice weekly * Develop a Habit and Accountability- Take control of their responsibilty in their Education Process.

~Additional Benefits of the 1305 Practice:

~Discounted Tutoring Available-all subjects.

~ IEP/504 Meeting Attendance Fee $125

Emergency Parent requested Meeting: $75


Week 1:$195  ISMP Development up to 2 hours.

WEEK 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10: $55/wk. 50-55min. Meeting weekly and wkly Phone calls.

Throughout the program,your son/daughter will focus on Navigating Their Education, Developing strong study habits, Learning Strategies: How to take notes, Building Relationships with TEACHERS, Respect my Family, Respect Myself!, Intrinsic Motivation and Making Good Choices!

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